5 Reasons To Get Bridal Touch Ups

What Are Touch Ups?

Touch ups are one of my favorite services to provide on a wedding day. While many brides consider having an on-site beauty team a wedding day essential, touch ups are a little something special. Usually, once your beauty team is done providing the initial hair and makeup services to get you ready for the big day, they pack up, hit the road, and are probably off to the next wedding. But, touch ups are a luxury. A bridal touch up session is when an artist stays on site, after all of the getting ready hair and makeup services have been completed, and they ensure that everyone who received a service looks their absolute best and that the bride is taken care of.


The Touch Up Experience

Touch ups are more than just powdering your face and reapplying your lipstick – although, that is definitely included in a touch up session. Having an artist on hand is a fabulous perk on the wedding day because they are there to not only make sure you look your best, but to also keep you comfortable and feeling your best. On our touch up sessions, we often help style the bride for her photographs, we carry the train and veil, hold the bouquet, and hold her glass of champagne ;). We’ve gone across the city back to the bride’s hotel to grab her jacket on a cold fall evening. We’ve stood in the woods, pulling ants out of a bride’s tulle dress after her photographer shot the perfect woodsy photos. We’ve gone back to the bridal suite to grab the bride’s comfy shoes when her wedding shoes became too painful to wear. We’ve sewn up layers of tulle under the bride’s dress to make sure that she didn’t trip over it while dancing the night away. We’ve sewn bridesmaids into their dresses when zippers broke. 

You get the drift, right? Touch ups are an awesome add on to the big day, and we like to look at booking them as somewhat of an insurance policy. If those instances weren’t enough for you, read on for 5 reasons why you should book bridal touch ups on your wedding day.


You’re doing a first look

When you’re planning to see your fiancee prior to the ceremony, there just might be some tears. There will also be smooches as well. We know that you want to look your absolute best when walking down the aisle and revealing yourself for the first time to all of your guests. Having an artist stay on hand to touch you up after the first look is definitely a smart idea. We’ll even make sure that your fiancee is lipstick free (because, you know, smooches).


You have a gap in time or are doing formals before the ceremony

Often, when there is a gap between the time of finishing the service and the beginning of the ceremony, having someone on hand can be really helpful. In New England, the weather can be really hot and humid during the summer and early fall, so if there is any down time before the ceremony, a touch up might be a good thing. Also, if you’re planning to do all of your formal photos before the ceremony – because cocktail hour! – then having someone on hand to touch you and your bridesmaids up before walking down the aisle is the way to go. 


You want a second look for the reception

If you are planning to have one look for the ceremony, and another look for the reception, you NEED touch ups. We’ve had cultural weddings in the past, such as Indian or Chinese weddings, where the bride had to do outfit changes. She not only required our help with dressing, but also wanted to switch up the hair and makeup for the evening. While you may not be having a cultural wedding, you may still just be fabulous and want to switch things up for the night. You’ll definitely need an artist on hand to make this happen for you.

You cry – a lot

Yes, if you are a crier, you need to have an artist on hand. Not only will an artist be there, readily holding tissues for you to blot your tears with, but we’ll also be there with powder and foundation for any spot touch ups if needed. We can brighten those eyes back up, and pull you together so you look your best at every second – even through the tears. 


You want to pamper yourself

When else will you have a full on glam squad? When else will you have the opportunity to have someone follow you around, ready to powder your face and fix your lipstick at the drop of a dime? When else will you have the chance to have someone carry the train of your wedding gown around and gently and perfectly lay it out so that it will look amazing in photographs. When else will you get to be treated royally – like you are a literal princess for the evening? Probably never. Having an artist stay for touch ups is not just having someone there to touch up your makeup and pin your flyaway hairs out of your face. Its a whole entire experience. In fact, its an experience that I honestly feel every bride deserves. Pamper yourself. Why not?!

I truly love providing touch up services on the wedding day. While many other artists prefer not to stay on site for touch ups, for some reason, this has always been something that I like to do. I love to make sure that my bride looks perfect throughout the day. I love making sure that she looks amazing in all of her photos. I love making sure the bridesmaids look great, too. But most of all, I just love to be there to make sure that the bride feels comfortable and is taken care of, and is paid special attention to on such a special day. The wedding day touch up session is truly an experience not to be forgotten!


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