Retro.Now Vintage Jewelry and Accessories

Meet Retro.Now Vintage Jewelry and Accessories

We excited to tell you all about Retro.Now Vintage Jewelry and Accessories! Retro.Now is our very own curated collection of one of a kind vintage jewelry and accessories. Each piece in this collection is hand picked by our Owner, Melissa, and is a reflection of Melissa’s personal style. The creation of this collection was very much inspired by our brides and what they need and would love for their big day. The Retro.Now collection consists of vintage earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches, as well as vintage evening bags.

Why Vintage?

Well, because vintage is where its at! Seriously though, jewelry and accessories from the past were made with much better materials, which is why they’ve stood the test of time. Many of our vintage jewelry items come from the 1950’s – 1990’s, and are still incredibly beautiful and super wearable today. Since vintage items are pre-loved, there may be minor signs of wear, however, Melissa does her best to make sure that each item that we add into our boutique is in excellent vintage condition. We love vintage jewelry because each piece tells a story. And although we may not know the history of each individual piece, we can add our own story to that item. Vintage is perfect for weddings – its classic, unique, beautiful and fabulous – just like our brides. Why would we choose anything other than vintage?!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Vintage jewelry is the perfect “something old” for your wedding day. Something is considered vintage when its 20 years old. Most of our jewelry is between 20 – 60 years old, and we spend lots of time researching and dating each piece that we introduce to the collection. While vintage is technically “old”, when you purchase a vintage item, it becomes new to you and can serve as your “something new” on the wedding day. An accessory from Retro.Now can be the perfect “something borrowed” for another bride once you’ve worn your piece. And, of course, we have a “something blue” collection curated with just our brides in mind. We hope that you love this collection as much as we do. Lots of time and effort has gone into curating this collection of vintage jewelry and accessories – not just for our brides, but for all brides and all lovers of vintage. We truly want to make sure that if you are getting married, all of your fine details are remembered – keep in mind, you photographer will be taking pictures of your shoes, jewelry and accessories! Be sure to visit the Retro.Now website, and make sure to check back because we will be adding new pieces on a regular basis! Also, be sure to sign up for the mailing list to get 15% off of your first purchase!




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