What To Wear For Your Boudoir Session

What should I wear for my boudoir session?

We get lots of ladies wondering what they should wear for their boudoir session. There are a lot of really cute and unique options for boudoir attire. Naturally, most people think of wearing lingerie such as bras, panties and garters. While lingerie is the most common option, it is not the only option! There are still many other wardrobe choices for boudoir that are sexy, even if its not lingerie. We wanted to share a few other options that aren’t your typical lingerie options for boudoir.


Over-sized Shirts and Sweaters

We love the option of wearing an over-sized shirt or sweater. This is a more casual look, and casual is super sexy! Wearing an over-sized shirt or a big, cozy sweater is an awesome option for your boudoir session because its something that any woman would feel comfortable in. We also love when an over-sized top is paired with a cute pair of knee socks or leg warmers – can we say cute!


Night Gowns

Night gowns are super sexy, but less revealing than lingerie. We love this option, especially, for expectant moms who are doing a maternity boudoir session. Night gowns give more “coverage”, but are still something that is worn in the bedroom. You can choose to wear a long night gown or a short one, but either option is still sexy, comfortable and classy.



Bodysuits are one of my favorite options for “boudoir-wear”! I love the look of a body suit. Bodysuits can be as conservative or revealing as you’d like for them to be. There are so many different styles. Some women choose to wear bodysuits that offer a little more coverage, but others choose to wear bodysuits with sheer fabric that shows a little more skin. Bodysuits can range anywhere from casual to bedroom wear – it really just depends on what look you’re going for. Here are some bodysuit options that we love!


Tank Top and Panties

I mean, do we have to say more? A tank top and cute pair of panties is totally comfortable and still super sexy. This is an easy outfit to coordinate in your boudoir wardrobe. Any style of panties can be worn – boy shorts, bikini, thong. It really depends on the look you want to go for. You can also wear any type of tank – anything from your man’s “wife beater”, a skin tight tank top, spaghetti strap tank top, or an over-sized tank top that you have to tie to fit your body would work.


Re-purposed Costumes

Its not every day that you get to wear your wings from an angel costume from a past Halloween. Why not transform yourself into a Victoria’s Secret Angel? If you have an item from a costume such as angel wings that you think would work well with your boudoir session, bring it! We can make it work and make it look awesome!


You can truly wear almost anything for your boudoir session. We recommend wearing whatever makes you feel sexy and confident, and that you will love seeing yourself wearing in photographs. Would you wear any of these options for a boudoir session?!


Photos: Lp Photography