Network Marketing for Beauty Pros


Oh, you’re doing one of those “things”…

Network marketing is an industry that often gets a bad reputation. We all know people who have joined a network marketing company, and in turn, they want us to join their company with them. We’ve all been asked to host or attend a party, and we’ve all been asked to buy products from a network marketing company. I know, it sometimes seems annoying and frustrating when you have people sliding into your inbox about their “business opportunity”. Personally, though, I’ve had experience with network marketing since 2009, and as a beauty professional, I have a bit of a different perspective.


Network marketing is perfect for beauty pros

I think network marketing is a great industry to be in, particularly for beauty professionals. Actually, I think its one of the smartest decisions that anyone can make, no matter what industry you’re in. While I’m a hair and makeup artists, I’m also a business woman. An entrepreneur, at that! Business is something that I have a strong interest in. As a beauty professional, I think that starting a network marketing business can be really beneficial to your business. Its the business of the 21st century, and can be built right from your laptop or smartphone. There are so many reasons why I feel that network marketing is a great addition to any beauty business.


Why network marketing makes sense
  1. Slow season can be real.   Hair and makeup artists typically work from client to client. That means that if you’re in a slow season and clients aren’t coming in as regularly, or if you’re still building a clientele, your income may take a hit. Having a network marketing business allows you to introduce your clients to a line of products that they can purchase from you -right from the comfort of their home. This, in turn, help you to supplement your income during slow or building seasons in your business.
  2. Burnout is also REAL.  Since hair and makeup artists often work from client to client, this means that we need to be “on” pretty much any time a client needs our service if we want to earn a paycheck. This means that we don’t always get the time off that we need – and this can lead to serious burnout. Adding an additional stream of income through network marketing allows you to still service your clients without actually having to perform a physical service. Retail is huge in the beauty industry, and you can still service your clients by providing products that they need while giving yourself  time to rest and relax a bit.
  3. Benefits.  As independent beauty professionals, we don’t get benefits like most people with “normal” jobs. Benefits such as paid sick time, vacation pay, medical benefits, retirement savings, etc. are an area where we must fend for ourselves. Your network marketing business can pay for medical insurance, supplement your income in the even that you get sick and can’t work, or help you take a vacation and not worry about losing out on income while you’re away. Having additional money through a network marketing business also can help you save for your retirement.
  4. You’re the PRO.  Real talk, you actually get great product education by partnering with a network marketing company. These companies genuinely want their consultants to be knowledgeable about their company, products and industry, so they offer lots of information, education and training.  When purchasing products from a makeup counter or store like Sephora, Ulta or even CVS, we really don’t get any information about the product that we are using. Being knowledgeable is super important. You need to know and your clients need to know, too.
  5. Low start up cost.  Retail is important in the beauty industry, but start up cost can be high. Having to purchase start up stock, and hoping that the items that you are stocking will sell can end up being a lot of money spent. It can also be a potential loss. Many network marketing companies don’t require you to make a start up purchase other than your enrollment fee, and they also don’t require you to stock products. To me, that’s a win/win.
  6. HAVE more, DO more, BE more.  The number one thing I love the most about the network marketing industry is that it truly offers the opportunity to have more, do more, and to be more. Many people go into the beauty industry because they have a heart to serve others. They end up being owners and entrepreneurs because we feel called to do more. Being part of a network marketing company allows you to do that – and then some. Network marketing allows you to teach and train others to become their best selves, all while you’re becoming your best self. The network marketing industry, when incorporated into a beauty business, can create balance in your life. You have the opportunity to create time and financial freedom, the ability to invest in yourself and in others, to create options in life, and the ability to truly live your life by design.


There are so many benefits to having a network marketing business as a beauty professional. Do you have a network marketing business? Would you ever start one? Let us know!