Kit Focus: Arbonne Calm Skin Care


Arbonne Calm is a MUST in our kits!

Every makeup kit should have great skin care products in it, and we’re adding Arbonne to ours! Skin care is the most important part of a makeup application. In today’s industry, most makeup artists focus on skill, talent and “slaying faces”, but, if the skin that the makeup is being applied to isn’t in its best condition and prepped well, your makeup application won’t be its best. We are excited to be adding Arbonne Calm Skin Care to our beauty kits and we want to tell you why!


Why are you so sensitive?

One of the main skin care concerns that we hear about is sensitivity. Women always have concerns about what is being applied to their skin because they don’t want to have a reaction, and that’s totally understandable. Arbonne’s Calm Skin Care collection is perfect for the most sensitive skin. Most people have reactions and sensitivity to skin care and cosmetic products due to the heavy fragrances and artificial colors that are added to the formula. However, Calm features an extra gentle formula with soothing botanicals and naturally derived ingredients to provide hydrating relief to the skin. Additionally, Arbonne Calm Skin Care is clinically tested for sensitive skin, and is non-comedogenic, fragrance and colorant free, and allergy and dermatologist tested. These products help to protect the skin, maintain a moisture barrier, and calm irritation.


The four key products in Arbonne’s Calm Skin Care collection. 
  1. Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser.   This cleanser gently washes away makeup, dirt and oil without over-drying or irritating the skin, and also soothes dry and irritated skin by hydrating with soothing ingredients.
  2. Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum.  Providing instant hydration, your skin will soak this serum up. The Calm Soothing Facial Serum gives the skin a lightweight moisture barrier that leave skin feeling immediately hydrated. This serum is literally like a drink of water for your skin.
  3. Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer.  This weightless moisturizer absorbs quickly, leaving the skin moisturized and feeling soft.
  4. Arbonne Calm Soothing Eye Gel.  This is like a drink of water for your eyes! This gentle, ophthalmologist-tested eye gel glides on with a roller ball (we don’t use the roller ball for hygiene and sanitation purposes, but we do love the gel!). The formula helps to reduce puffiness and hydrate the eye area for smoother-looking skin.


What makes Arbonne Calm actually calm my skin?

Calm’s Key Botanicals:

Aloe Vera – soothes and moisturizes

Cucumber Fruit – soothes and comforts

Licorice Root Extract – soothes and calms

Chamomile Flower Extract – soothes and calms

Mallow Flower Extract – soothes and moisturizes

Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract – soothes, antioxidant properties

Sea Mayweed – soothes, moisturizes


We LOVE Arbonne Calm, and you will too!

We’ve been using these products on our clients for the past few months, and can honestly say that no one has had any issues. In fact, most people tell us how great the products feel on their skin. We take that as a huge compliment! It is our number one priority to make sure that you have a comfortable service, and of course, the products that we use in our kits play a major part! We love this collection of skin care products and genuinely think its the best! We even include samples in our Bridal Welcome Kits so that our brides can try the skin care products that we are using prior to even having them used on her face during a service.

You can find all of these products HERE.

Oh, and P.S. – all of our brides receive 20% off of these products (or any Arbonne purchase!) for one whole year!


Is sensitive skin one of your concerns? What do you use to calm your sensitive skin? We’d love to know!