Intorducing Arbonne

We’re excited to share that we are now offering products from Arbonne International at M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio! For quite a while, we’ve wanted to bring in a product line that we felt was a perfect fit for our clients. After lots of thought, consideration and comparison of various  brands and companies, we really feel confident that Arbonne is the perfect fit for our studio and our clients!


I became familiar with the Arbonne brand in 2009 after learning about it on Facebook. I had an opportunity to try the products, and was really impressed with how they looked, smelled and felt. It was truly a luxurious experience using Arbonne products, and at M.A.W.Beauty, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a luxurious experience such as that. We’ve tried a lot of other products on the market, and I can honestly say that Arbonne is far superior to many others that I have used before, so partnering with this brand and offering these products to our clients at M.A.W.Beauty is something that I really stand behind.


So, ” what’s so special about Arbonne?” you ask.


This is the Arbonne difference:
  • Established in 1980.  Arbonne is a 38 year old company. With almost 4 decades in the beauty and wellness industry, Arbonne products are tried and true. They use cutting edge research and development to ensure that all of their products are pure, safe and beneficial.
  • Botanically based products.  Arbonne formulates their products starting with natural fruit and plant extracts as the base, then enhances their effectiveness with technology and science.
  • Vegan certified.  Arbonne products are vegan friendly, contain no animal products or by-products, and are never tested on animals.
  • Gluten Free.  All Arbonne products are certified gluten free, and Arbonne is currently certified gluten free on over 50 products by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.
  • No mineral oil.  Mineral oil acts as a barrier on the skin, not allowing good ingredients to be absorbed, or toxins to be released. Arbonne products do not contain any mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients.
  • Paraben Free.  Arbonne formulates their products without parabens, which are linked to cancer.
  • pH correct and hypoallergenic.  Arbonne products match the pH level of your skin and have been tested to ensure that reactions don’t occur.
  • No artificial dyes or fragrances.  Most times when a person has a reaction or sensitivity to skin care or cosmetic products, it is because of an artificial dye or fragrance within the product. Any color or fragrance in Arbonne’s products is from a natural fruit or vegetable extract.
  • No artificial sweeteners.  Arbonne’s nutritional products use sweeteners derived from natural sources.
  • Non-GMO.  Arbonne does not use genetically modified ingredients.


Over the years, I’ve tried different products and brands, and while some of them have been really great brands, they just don’t compare to Arbonne, in my opinion. The formulation that goes into Arbonne products is top notch, and the company itself is top notch. I have a whole list of other reasons why I think Arbonne is great, but I’ll save that for another blog post! But bottom line, I really feel that these products are a great fit for me personally, and I can recommend them with confidence to my clients. There is literally something for everyone within the range of products.

As professionals, we know that having a variety of products on hand for various circumstances is important, but we are really excited to be incorporating Arbonne into our professional kits as well! We can’t wait to begin sharing more about Arbonne with you – you’ll be seeing more about the products, the company, and the business aspect of Arbonne. Our goal is really to just offer our clients a solution – whether it be a solution to a beauty or nutrition issue, or a solution that being part of the business can solve.

If anyone does have questions about Arbonne, I’m always here to answer! You can also visit my website to learn more.