May Boudoir Marathon


M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio is hosting our second boudoir marathon in May! We are teaming up with Lindsay Parker of Lp Photography again for this exciting series of boudoir sessions. Our upcoming marathon will take place on Sunday, May 14, 2017, and we will have limited spaces available.


Boudoir photographs make the perfect gift for your significant other, and this boudoir marathon is just in time for wedding season. Many brides love to pamper themselves with an intimate bridal boudoir photography session, which includes hair styling and airbrush makeup (while sipping champagne or mimosas and snacking on yummy treats!), and present a beautifully designed album to their partner at a special time during their wedding experience. Wives also enjoy creating a boudoir album for their husbands as an anniversary gift, or even as a way to keep things interesting and spicy in marriage. We’ve also had women indulge in a sessions as a way to feel empowered and embrace themselves just as they are – flaws an all – and use boudoir as a gift to themselves. Maternity boudoir is also really popular for mothers-to-be who want to have beautiful, intimate photos of themselves and their baby bump.


Honestly, boudoir needs no reason.


As women, we tend to find objections as to why we can’t or shouldn’t do a boudoir session. Often, we think we are either too fat or not pretty enough to take such vulnerable pictures of ourselves. Truth is that we don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model in order to be beautiful or to truly love your body. Every woman is built differently, and every woman has different features that make her feel her prettiest – and that is the beauty of boudoir. Many ladies who book a boudoir session choose to focus on specific features that they love – whether its their long legs, sexy back, or a nice behind.


There is no need to be scared – relax, get pampered, and have fun with it.


When you book a boudoir session at M.A.W.Beauty, wehther it be a private session or if it is part of a marathon, you can rest easy and know that your session will be private, customizable, luxurious, and fun. We are a female only team, and we are experienced in making you look your best.


If you are interested in booking a session during our upcoming boudoir marathon on May 14th, please inquire with Melissa:  [email protected]