Consigning Your Wedding Gown

Have you ever considered consigning your wedding gown after the big day?


The wedding gown is such a major detail of the wedding experience and the wedding day, however, in the grand scheme of the wedding day, the bride will only wear her gown for about 8-10 hours total. Wedding gowns can, at times, be a very expensive item, as well. And while the thought of one day, having a daughter who will love your gown enough to wear it down the aisle in about 25 years is really special, there is a very good possibility that it might not happen. Since you only wear your gown for a few short hours, and the initial investment can sometimes be high, consigning your gown after the wedding is a really great way to not only make some of your money back, clear up some closet space, and also to help another bride who may be looking to have a great gown, but not spend a lot of money on something brand new.


The Benefits of Consigning:

  • Selling your gown independently can be awkward when it comes to having strangers come to your home to try it on. Consigning creates a credible middle ground for perspective buyers to come view and try the dress on.
  • Consigning with a business, rather than selling independently, helps reach more people, ultimately getting your gown viewed more – increasing the potential of someone wanting to purchase your gown.
  • Consigning allows you to make a portion of what you spent on your wedding gown back.
  • Consigning helps you to free up some storage space in your home.
  • Consigning allows you to help another bride find the perfect gown without spending a lot of money.

Consigning your gown definitely has a lot of benefits, and is truly a win/win situation for everyone involved!


Considering Consigning Your Wedding Gown??

When consigning, your gown should meet a few requirements…

  • No older than 5 years old
  • New/never worn or once/gently worn
  • In good repair – no visible rips, tears, holes, pulls, broken zippers, lost buttons, etc.
  • Cleaned and preserved


Consigning is seriously one of the best things you can do post wedding if you don’t have an emotional attachment to your dress, of if you don’t intend on ever using it again.


If you’re interested in consigning your wedding gown, click here and complete the form. We’d love to help you find another bride who will love your gown just as much as you did!