Preparing For The M.A.W.Beauty Boudoir Marathon

We’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks as we work to prepare for the boudoir marathon at M.A.W.Beauty. We want this to be an amazing experience for you, and to create that experience, a lot of work goes into everything well in advance of the actual marathon. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been carefully scouting and selecting unique furniture pieces and props for setting up the perfect scene for boudoir, and I’m happy with what we’ve come up with so far!


When we relocated to Cumberland back in August, we ended up taking a studio space that offers a private room – totally separate from our styling area and waiting area. Originally, the thought of having an office in the studio was the consideration, but I really wanted to do something a little more creative with the space. That is how the idea of having an small in-house photography room came about. I’ve always loved to coordinate photo shoots, and many of the shoots that I’ve done on my own have taken place right within my studio, so it just made sense to have a space that was specifically dedicated to this. The room is about 200 square feet, and offers 2 windows for beautiful natural light.


I wanted the room to stay pretty simple – my thought is that if I’m going to be doing photo shoots in this room, I would need more space than things, because things can always be moved around. I decided to hang simple sheer white curtains over the windows in order to give the light a bit of a filter when needed.


With the beautiful original hardwood floors, even just hanging curtains gave this room a little more character.


As far as props for the “boudoir set”, I knew that I wanted everything to be soft, feminine, classy and timeless. Most of all, though, I wanted things to be unique. I feel like when people think of “boudoir”, they immediately think of a bed or bedroom scene. But, for me, I didn’t want to have the typical bed scene. I think that boudoir can be beautiful and really interesting when you use different style furniture pieces. A boudoir is actually defined as a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. So, I began my search to style the decor of the room in order to create the perfect “boudoir”.


I knew I needed a beautifully framed mirror. I also knew that I needed something to add texture and softness to the room. On an early morning shopping excursion, I came across a really pretty, vintage looking mirror, and the perfect fuzzy white throw rug to add to the room.



Next, I knew that I’d need to find some really cool pieces of furniture. I had to dig deep and search long and hard, but I was so excited when I came across this beautiful Queen Anne style chair in this pretty blush color. It looks so pretty and classic, and to me, its definitely a chair that I can imagine would be in a private boudoir or sitting room.



In addition to a really pretty chair, I also felt that having a small couch or bench was necessary in the boudoir that I was creating. Finding something that is really unique and different, while on a budget and a timeline, is always a challenging task, but I was up for it! Once again, I focused in on my search, and came across this pretty white couch. It has a bit of a vintage feeling, which was perfect for the vibe that I was creating in the boudoir, so I drove over an hour in the snow to pick this baby up.



I’m still on the search for one more furniture item to add to the boudoir, but for now, I think that in conjunction with the other cool and unique items that I already have in my studio, these pieces were perfect additions and will be perfect for our upcoming boudoir marathon. I love the idea of using furniture, rather than a bed, because the furniture offers so many different options, and can also be moved around to create the perfect setting.

Lastly, we’ve been working to find the perfect vintage accessories to dress you in for your styling session. We’ve been hunting high and low for high quality vintage jewelry to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your images. Check out some of our favorite pieces:

We love these necklaces! Below are some of our favorite earrings…


Our boudoir marathon is going to be an awesome event! We’re working with a talented¬†photographer from Boston, Lindsay Parker from Lp Photography, and together, we’ll be creating beautiful, tasteful boudoir images for you. Our stylists can’t wait to pamper you, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our studio for a really unique, fun, and empowering boudoir experience.


If you’re interested in booking a session in our marathon, click here for more information. To secure your spot, simply complete the form and place your deposit. We’ll be in touch soon after with more details!