The Boudoir Coterie by M.A.W.Beauty

I’m excited to share The Boudoir Coterie by M.A.W.Beauty with you!


Here is what you need to know:


Boudoir – A woman’s bedroom or private sitting room

Coterie – A group of people who associate closely; An exclusive group; A clique


The Boudoir Coterie is just that – a group of talented individuals who work and associate closely in order to create beautiful, classy, timeless boudoir style portraits.


The idea for The Boudoir Coterie came about because, as bridal hair and makeup artists, we are constantly working with women who either have or plan on having a boudoir photo session. Many times, my team of hair and makeup artists and I are called on to provide beauty services for these photo sessions, however we do not always remain on set to offer touch ups or to assist with look changes. We’ve always loved to coordinate photo shoots in our studio, and with our August 2016 studio expansion, we decided that it would be great if we could offer our clients a full boudoir experience right under our own roof.


In my opinion, I believe that when you are planning a boudoir photo session, you are planning something very intimate and luxurious, and personal attention is a must. These private photography sessions showcase a woman’s femininity and sensuality, and at the same time, empower her to feel confident in herself and in her body – embracing flaws and all. Women choose to do this style of photography for many reasons – as a gift to their husband or fiancee, to show self love and appreciation for who they are and what they look like right at that moment in time, or just to treat themselves and feel fabulous for the day.


The desire to create classy, tasteful boudoir photography was a heavy motivation for me to create this aspect of my business. I wanted to create an experience that feels luxurious and special, and leaves you with beautiful, artistic images of yourself that look like they could grace the pages of a magazine – a la Victoria Secret ad.


To kick this new aspect of M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio off, we will be partnering with Lindsay Parker from Lp Photography to bring you a boudoir marathon, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Our all female team of talent is ready to pamper you pretty.  You can find more information about our marathon here.


I’m really excited to bring this boudoir marathon to you all. If you are interested in securing a session, please sign up here