Personal Bridal Stylist

Every bride says that she would love a personal bridal stylist on her wedding day. You know, someone to follow them around and make sure that they look perfect all day long. Looking picture perfect is clearly a huge deal on the wedding day, and having your own personal bridal stylist is definitely a sweet little luxury. At M.A.W.Beauty, we love to provide our brides with luxury service, and one of our favorite services that we offer on our bridal menu is our Bridal Party Touch Up Session.



Many of our brides choose to have a personal stylist stay with them after all of the hair and makeup services are done. When having a personal bridal stylist stay with you for the Bridal Party Touch Up Session, you  should know that you’re getting much, much more than just someone to reapply lipstick. You’re getting someone who is there to pay attention to every single detail about how you and your bridal party – including the gents – look. You’re also getting someone who is there to pay attention to all of your needs that you may not even know you will have.


During a Bridal Party Touch Up Session, your stylist’s duties can range anywhere from reapplying lip color and powdering the shine on your nose away to sewing bridesmaids back into their dresses when a fashion mishap occurs. Although airbrush makeup is very durable and can withstand a bit of sweat and tears, if you break into an “ugly cry” you’re bound to need some touching up, and having a stylist on hand is essential in a situation like that. Once, we had a bride who kept tripping over and getting caught in her gown’s many layers of tulle. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to dance the night away, so her personal bridal stylist was there to sew the tulle up, allowing her to enjoy the rest of here evening and move about freely without a care in the world. On another wedding, our bride’s photographer had taken her into the woods at her venue to get some really gorgeous shots, but while in the woods, little ants began to crawl up her dress and veil – so of course, her personal stylist was there to help get all of the bugs and twigs out of her dress. We’ve carried cathedral length veils and wedding gown trains so that they don’t drag across the ground during photo sessions, we’ve driven back to hotels to get things that our brides have forgotten, and we’ve run back to the bride’s dressing room to grab her more comfortable shoes when her feet start to hurt.




Our goal as your personal stylist during your Bridal Party Touch Up Session is to make sure that your and your bridal party can let loose and enjoy every moment of your day without having to worry about any mishaps with your look. We care about how you look just as much as you do, and we also care about your comfort. Weddings take months to plan, but the actual wedding day goes by so quickly, so we want you to be able to take every moment of the experience in and feel like a queen, even just for a day.


Have you thought about having a personal bridal stylist for your wedding day? If not, you should certainly consider it! Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more information about booking this service for you and your bridal party so that we can help you all have a relaxing, care free, memorable bridal beauty experience!