LimeLight By Alcone

Have you heard of LimeLight by Alcone yet? If not, I’ll put you on – Right NOW! We are so excited to be carrying this beautiful line of skincare and cosmetics in our studio, and can’t wait to tell you all about it!


A little history…

Alcone Co. is a distributor for professional beauty products. Alcone Co. is a family owned business, and has been around for 60 long years, providing the best in beauty products to professional makeup artists all over the world in the film and stage industry. They are now expanding in order to reach the everyday woman to help her look her best each day with their amazing skincare and cosmetics. This is where LimeLight comes in. LimeLight by Alcone is the company’s version of a direct sales company – without the annoying sales people pushing product or trying to recruit you into their business (thank goodness!).


With LimeLight by Alcone, a need was filled in the beauty industry. Alcone realized that, as a professional makeup artist, one of the best things that you can do is to be able to recommend products and have them available for your client to purchase. Our clients look to us for advice and guidance, and it is our job to provide our clients with not only the advice that they are looking for, but also the products to support the advice. So Alcone decided that they would support their artists, and we are so excited that they did!


So, what makes LimeLight products so amazing? Well, pretty much, everything!


limelight-skincareThe skin care is a dream. When I first received my products, the very first thing that I did was dissect the ingredients in the skin care. First, let me start by saying that the skin care is free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and it is cruelty free. Their goal with the skin care was to create effective products that produce results, without being loaded with the chemicals. Keeping in mind that it only takes your skin less than a minute to absorb chemicals into the blood stream, the chemists behind LimeLight’s skin care formulated products that work from the inside out. The skin care works to heal, hydrate, and rebalance your skin cells, and offer personalized routines for your specific skin type and conserns. With a full line of cleansers, face masks, boosters, moisturizers, and products for the body, there is definitely something for everyone and every concern.


LimeLight cosmetics are some of the best in town. While these products are used mainly by professionals, they are limelight-enduring-lip-colornow being offered to the everyday woman who wants professional results. First, they’ve packaged their products in really nice, professional but fun looking, eco-friendly packaging, which, to me, is very important. As a professional, being able to put my products in a palette is a big deal since I’m constantly working on location and palettes are easier to travel with. LimeLight offers the option to purchase single items like lipstick, blush, foundation, bronzer, or eye shadows, or to create customized palettes. The LimeLight cosmetics range includes products for complexion (foundation, powder, bronzer, setting sprays), eyes (shadows, liners, mascara), lips (lipstick, gloss, liners), makeup brushes, and blender sponges – allowing you to create a complete look with top-tier professional products and tools. The foundations are free of mineral oil, lanolin oil, and artificial fragrance – making them great for all skin types and sensitive skin and the concealers are waterproof, which is great for brides.  The blush and eye shadows are super pigmented, and the lip color is long wearing. LimeLight cosmetics are great for everyday wear, and for special occasions like weddings.


In addition to the fabulous skin care and cosmetics, LimeLight also offers really great, high quality tools. From vegan makeup brushes, brush cleaner, makeup remover wipes, and blender sponges, Limelight empowers its users – both professionals and non-pros – with the tools that they need to use the products effectively.



We’re really excited to be offering these products to our clients, and also to other makeup artists who are looking for a great line of professional quality products that they can also offer to their own clients! We can’t wait for you to try them!