Male Grooming for Presidential Candidates

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege of providing male grooming services for two presidential candidates – Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor John Kasich. ┬áBoth candidates were in Rhode Island during the weekend of April 23, 2016 for rallies that were being held. I was contacted by CBS News regarding my availability that weekend, and was informed that I’d be hired to provide grooming services for “2 presidential candidates”. While speaking on the phone with the representative from CBS News, I was told that one of the candidates I’d be doing the next day would be Governor John Kasich from Ohio. Pretty cool, right? They mentioned to me that they also had a candidate on Sunday who might need makeup, but they would follow up about that. Once I got the follow up email, I was informed that I’d be providing makeup services for Senator Bernie Sanders for three interviews that he would be doing on Sunday morning. What an awesome opportunity!


On Saturday, Gov. John Kasich was holding a rally at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. This was perfect for me – I know the campus well since my mother is a professor there, so I was able to adapt quickly when I saw that all events for Kasich were relocated to another building. After being led through a small crowd and into a basement dining room, I set myself up and got ready to work. Gov. Kasich was on a super tight timeline for the day, so he was really only with me for a few minutes. I wasn’t able to get any good photos of or with him, but I was able to get a bit of “Behind The Scenes” footage. Check it out!





Sunday morning was an early day. I was called to work at 8:00am in Downtown Providence for Senator Bernie Sanders. Things were a bit more interesting on Sunday. I went to the hotel that the Senator was staying and doing his interviews at. There was lots of security around for Senator Sanders. Prior to his security taking me to the room where I would be working on the Senator, I was thoroughly searched to make sure that I wasn’t “packing grenades and bazookas” in my purse, as one of his security staff jokingly said to me. After that, I was led into a conference room where the Senator would be doing his interview. Once he arrived and was ready for hair and makeup, Senator Sanders let me know that he didn’t really like a lot of makeup – I was asked to add “just a bit of powder” for him. Although Senator Sanders is not a hair spray guy, I was also instructed to tame his hair a bit as well. The Senator’s interviews went very well, and my day of work went by pretty fast. Once we were all done, of course, I was “that girl” and I asked for a selfie with Senator Bernie Sanders! Check it out:



Providing grooming services for presidential candidates was a pretty awesome experience. At the end of the day, I felt really grateful and humbled that either CBS found my work and felt that M.A.W.Beauty was good enough to service their high profile clients, or that someone somewhere in my professional network may have thought enough of me to pass my information along to CBS. Either way, I’m grateful for the experience, and for the opportunity to play a small, yet important, part in this year’s presidential election.