Bridesmaids: Creating A Custom Hair Piece

Let me tell you all about a custom hair piece that I had to make for this past weekend’s wedding.


My bride, Erica, was such a sweetheart to work with. She had such a beautiful vision for her wedding, and I was literally determined to help make it a reality for her. Erica had her three closest friends as her bridesmaids. They all wore the same gown, the same shoes, and Erica wanted for them all to have the same hair and makeup styles for the big day.


Erica wanted her girls to have a gorgeous top bun with lots of curls and volume, and a “bump” with some volume in the front of the hair. The only problem was that one of her bridesmaids had recently cut her hair into an angled, stacked bob! Yikes! The longest point of the hair cut was around the face, and sat at her chin. The shortest point of the bob sat at the base of her hairline in the back. This definitely posed a problem in having a uniform look for all of the bridesmaids! Like I said, though, I was determined to make Erica’s vision come to life for her wedding day, so I decided that this particular bridesmaid was going to have a bun – no matter what!


Since Erica wanted a top bun, I had her bridesmaid send me a few pictures of what her hair looked like in a pony tail as high as she could put it. Here’s what she sent:






As you can see, a big, full, curly top bun was just not feasible for her hair.


In order to make the hairstyle that Erica wanted all of her girls to have happen for this specific bridesmaid, and since I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet with this bridesmaid since she lived out of state, I had her head to one of her local beauty supplies and purchase some human hair that was able to be curled with hot tools, and send it to me in Rhode Island. From there, I got to work! Using the pictures that Erica had given me to use as inspiration for the style, and a picture from a trial that was done with her maid of honor, I created a custom hair piece that she could wear on the wedding day. Take a look at the transformation:






Not bad, right?! On the wedding day, Erica and her bridesmaid were so happy with the outcome of the hair piece, and Erica was so grateful that I was able to assist in helping her vision for the bridal party come to life! This was definitely an example of trouble shooting at its finest! I completed this piece over a course of about 4 days. One adjustment was made in order to make the piece smaller, but all in all, it was a fairly quick project to complete.


I’m so happy that I was able to help Erica in this situation. I totally understand that, as a bride, you want every detail of your day to fall into place, and I knew how important this detail was for her. All of the details of Erica’s day fell right into place, and she was such a happy bride!




Congratulations, Erica!