How Much Should I Pay For Wedding Hair and Makeup?

I’m in a few wedding related groups on Facebook and I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about the cost of bridal beauty services. A lot of brides are asking “How much should I pay for wedding hair and makeup?” and “Why is bridal hair and makeup so expensive?”. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of bridal beauty services that brides (as well as some artists who are providing these services) just don’t seem to understand. So, let me shed a little light on this topic for everyone:


  1. The Cost of Doing Business.  What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that when a company is setting their rates, they have to take into account the cost of doing business. If you are hiring a LEGIT business, then that business has legit costs and expenses. Some of these costs include rent and utilities if the company has a physical location, products and supplies (hopefully they are using quality products on you), tools such as professional curling irons, makeup brushes, and airbrush machines, insurance, business licensing (which ain’t cheap!!), and advertising. Once the business pays for the expenses of actually being able to operate in a legal way, there are other things to consider. Do they have a telephone that you can call them on? Do they have an email address, which requires internet, for you to send your questions to? What about a website for you to get information about them and their services even before you contact them? Do they offer coffee, tea and water when you come into their business for your consultation or trial? It costs a lot just to be in business, and the list of expenses for a business actually goes on (and on…and on…).Shawon-Davis-Photography-8
  2. Reputation.  Yes, you pay for a reputable artist. If you are hiring an artist who specializes in bridal beauty and has a lot of experience under their belt, then their rate should definitely reflect that. You are paying for an artist who hopefully has worked with many bridal parties and can assure you that your wedding day will go perfectly as planned. Hopefully, you are hiring an artist who has lots of positive reviews online from brides that they’ve worked with in the past. You are also paying for an artist who has spent a lot of time and money furthering their education by taking classes, and attending workshops, trade shows and seminars so that they can stay up on the latest education and techniques – which makes them a better artist and allows them to provide you with the best service possible. You’re paying for an artist who has also most likely worked with lots of other vendors who can recommend that artist based on the fact that they are reliable, provide a quality service, and are pleasurable to work with. If the artist that you’re interested in working with has a good reputation among brides and wedding vendors, they are going to charge more. Shawon-Davis-Photography--17
  3. Time. This is where SO MANY artists short change themselves, and why rates vary so much. If you are hiring an artist who actually takes their business seriously and understands how to price their self, they will be charging for their time. Here’s the thing: as much as we love our brides and enjoy talking to you, we spend a lot of time on each client. From the time that a bride inquires about her wedding all the way to the actual wedding day, an artist can spend upwards of 12 hours or more of their time communicating with the bride and doing administrative work pertaining to the wedding. Many brides book the wedding hair and makeup anywhere between 4 months to a 1 year prior to their wedding, so during that time, there will be many email exchanges and telephone calls between you and your artist. When you inquire, they are spending time on you. When you decide that you’re ready to secure your wedding date, they spend time creating a contract for you. After you’ve secured your date, your artist will email you and check in at important times to get certain information. Your artist will also spend time creating a detailed schedule for your wedding day. And leading up to the wedding, you will most certainly have questions and concerns that your artist will have to take time to address. Many artists dont charge for their time, which is why they end up booking tons of weddings due to their low pricing. This leads to them being overworked and burned out since they have to service a large amount of weddings in order to compensate for the lack of charging for their time. You like to be compensated for your time at work, right? Your artist does too. Shawon-Davis-Photography-15
  4.  Convenience. If you are hiring an artist to come on location for your wedding day, then you are hiring someone for convenience. The convenience of having a team of artists come to you to provide your wedding day beauty services is a luxury, and you pay when you want luxury products and services. On the wedding day, your artist will be packing up all of their products, loading it into their vehicle, driving to the location of your choice, unloading and setting up their products and equipment, and providing however many services you’ve booked them to do. Then when you are all finished, your artist will pack their things back up, load it back into their vehicle, drive back to their studio or salon, and unpack their things. This whole process is actually anything but convenient for your artist, however, they are creating the ultimate convenience and luxury for the bride and bridal party by enabling them to stay in a comfortable location so that they can chill out and enjoy their wedding morning while they get ready. This means that the bridal party does not have to coordinate travel to and from a salon, and they don’t have to leave their location until they are dressed and ready to walk down the aisle. rimini-reza-wed3


These are some of the factors that an artist should consider when setting their pricing for wedding hair and makeup. We know that weddings are expensive, and our intention is really never to gouge anyone’s pockets. Pricing varies from artist to artist based on some of these factors. If you offer less or have less experience, then your rate will reflect that. And, on the contrary, if you are offering more and have more experience, your rate will reflect that as well. At the end of the day, you should book an artist based on how comfortable you are with that artist as well as if you believe that the artist holds the professionalism and skill that you require. You should not book based solely on pricing.


I hope that this helps you beautiful brides to be understand a bit more about how pricing is determined for wedding hair and makeup!