Who Should Pay For Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup?

Your bridesmaids play a very important role in the wedding. Think of it this way: on the wedding day, the Bride (and groom!) are the stars of the show. If it were a movie, they’d be the leading cast members. But the bridal party is the supporting cast. They too are a focal point of the wedding day, and they should look the part. As we all know, wedding costs can add up very quickly, and this is true even for the bridal party. Bridesmaids have a ton of things to pay for – bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, the bachelorette party, maybe even the bridal shower. Who knows, they may even have to pay to travel in order to even be a part of the wedding, and if that is the case, then odds are that they are also paying to stay in a hotel for at least a night or two. Your bridesmaids will find that the cost of being a bridesmaid can certainly add up – and let’s be real, its not even their wedding.


On the flip side, you’re the bride, and you are investing in your wedding day. Most likely, you’ve booked a beautiful venue to host your wedding at. You’ve hired a DJ to entertain your guests and you’ve paid a pretty penny for the catering and cake so that everyone has something fabulous and tasty to eat. You’ve hired an amazing florist to create centerpieces and bouquets that will add to the ambiance of the event. And, of course, you’ve hired one of the best photographers around to document every moment of your unforgettable day.


So here’s the REAL question: if you’ve invested into all of those details of your day, why on earth would you leave your bridesmaids hair and makeup as optional?


I like to keep things very real. I’ve done many bridal parties over the years, and I’ve seen situations where the brides have left it up to the bridal party to decide whether or not they want to pay for professional hair and makeup. In just about every circumstance where a bridesmaid has chosen not to invest in having a professional do their hair and makeup, that bridesmaid definitely stuck out in the professional photos. That is the honest truth.┬áIf you are investing in a professional photographer, then you should also be investing in professional hair and makeup. Simply put. And since the bridal party is featured in a very good portion of your wedding photos, professional hair and makeup should not be an option for them, but rather a requirement.


Again, we get it. Cost can sometimes be an issue. Weddings in general are expensive, but there are definitely ways for everyone to afford professional hair and makeup for the big day (and by this, we don’t mean hiring an artist based on low pricing). One way to afford professional hair and makeup is to simply budget for it. Do your research, hire a great artist that you clique with, and start budgeting. If you’ve got to cut back on your Starbucks or eating out for lunch for the week, then do what you have to do. Another way is to split the cost with your bridesmaids and pay for one service. They can pay for the other. Lastly, as the bride, you can gift hair and makeup services to your bridal party, which will ensure that all of your bridesmaids will have professional styling and everyone will look uniform and polished in your professional pictures.


No matter which way you choose to handle the hair and makeup situation for your wedding day, having a professional artist provide hair and makeup for the bridal party should not be an option. Your artist understands makeup for photography and for different lighting. They also understand how to do a makeup application that will last for the duration of your wedding day, and will hold up in different weather conditions. Lastly, a professional artist knows how to perfectly enhance all of your features and create a clean, flawless look that will not only translate well in photography and hold up all day, but that will also look classic and timeless in all of the photos.




Photo: Mariah Burton Photography