Destination Weddings: Bringing An Artist

photo (11)Destination weddings are super popular right now. A few weeks ago, I received an inquiry for a destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Ultimately, I didn’t end up booking that wedding, but I learned a few things from that inquiry as far as the bride’s mentality when booking a destination wedding. What I learned from that inquiry is that most brides, when planning a destination wedding, may not realize the actual expense of bringing vendors from the States.


Here’s the thing. When you are getting married, and you want to bring a vendor from the United States along on your destination wedding, there are definitely expenses. You have to keep in mind that while that artist is out of state or out of the country, they are totally dedicated to you. They are unable to take on other clients because, well, they are at your destination wedding. In addition to providing services, the artist is providing their time – which includes the time spent traveling and the time spent at your destination – which is all time that they cannot earn money by servicing other clients.


Here are some things that you need to know if you are having a destination wedding and considering bringing a local artist along with you:


  1. You are responsible for all fees.  If the artist has to park her car for a few days at the airport, you’re responsible for that fee. The bride is also responsible for all travel fees including but not limited to mileage if the destination is close enough for to drive or flight if it’s not so close, taxi or shuttle fees, etc. Your artist also has to eat while they are at your destination wedding, so if your venue is not all inclusive, your artist will most likely require a daily meal stipend. If you are getting married in a different country that has a fee for entrance, the bride is also responsible for that as well. And, of course, the bride is responsible for the artist’s stay at the venue or hotel. Basically, any cost associated with getting the artist to the destination and having the artist stay is the responsibility of the bride. No, this is not to juice the bride’s pocket, but bottom line, if you’re hiring an artist to come with you to a destination wedding, you’ve got to take care of that artist. Theoretically, while I’m sure that most artists would love to be booked on a gorgeous destination wedding, the reality of it is that we can probably book a local event that will be just as financially fruitful, but without the time and stress of a long commute and being away from our business for a few days.
  2. You are also responsible for the cost of the services.  Just because you paid to bring the artist to the destination wedding doesn’t mean that the services are free. Your artist is still providing services. They are still using their kit of professional products. They are still using their skill. They are still using their time. Therefore, the services still must be paid for.
  3. Most destination weddings require a 3 day minimum.  If you’re hiring a vendor to come to your destination wedding in Barbados (the Crane Resort is amazing!) or some fantastic destination in Italy, your vendor needs to be well rested. We all know that travel takes a lot of energy out of you. We also know that travel plans may get deterred due to weather or timing. Having your artist come in one day before the wedding day, and leave the day after is the best way to make sure that your artist, first, arrives safely and on time to the wedding, but is also well rested and ready to roll on the wedding day.


There are loads of benefits to bringing a local artist with you to your destination wedding. If you book your artist well in advance, you have plenty of time to get familiar with her. Hopefully, you will have had the opportunity to have a bridal trial prior to arriving to the wedding and you will be working with someone who not only understands your skin, but also understands your vision for hair and makeup, and for the wedding as a whole. Bringing an artist from home ensures that you’ll be working with someone that you feel comfortable with on the wedding day. Bringing an artist from home also allows you to customize your experience better – if you need hair and makeup services for the rehearsal dinner or for brunch the day after, your artist can create an all inclusive package for you. Your artist can also provide touch up services for the bride and bridal party on the wedding day – you won’t get that type of service from the spa staff at your resort.


Bringing a local artist is definitely a great idea, but many brides don’t realize that it is an actual expense. There are additional fees attached to bringing any vendor to a destination wedding, and hair and makeup vendors are no different. I hope that this post helped to shed a little light on what actually goes in to hiring a professional artist to come with you to your destination wedding. It may not be the cheapest option, but it certainly is worth it. In any event, be sure to do your research, ask your artist about all fees that would apply to hiring them, and weigh your options. If it is within your budget, bringing an artist from home could be one of the best decisions you make for your destination wedding.