The Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride is so important on the wedding day. Moms play such a major role for the bride on the wedding day, and many times throughout life. At times, our moms become our coordinator, our sanity, our confidant, and our friend. Even before we are born, we are literally part of them, and on the wedding day, they are giving part of themselves away. From the time that we are young, our mothers instill values, confidence, and morals within us, and they see us grow from little girls, to young women, and eventually, into wives.


Just as it is an emotional time for the bride, it is also an emotional time for our mothers. Its often interesting when we work with mothers of the bride. As a makeup artist, we make physical contact with people, and can easily pick up on vibes and feelings. You can often tell the emotional roller coaster that the mother of the bride is feeling on the wedding day. She is partly ecstatic for her little girl – she’s found the love of her life and he is taking her hand in marriage. But another part of her is crying inside – because the baby that she carried inside of her for 9 months and labored over to bring into this world is hitting yet another milestone in life…she’s becoming a wife. It’s really that serious.


But, let’s not forget that before we were here, our moms were here. They kind of taught us everything we know. They taught us to be the person that we’ve grown into. And, let’s be honest, they may have even taught us a thing or two about hair and makeup. As little girls, we admired our moms for their beauty and womanly strength. Because of that, its so important for moms to look and feel gorgeous on the wedding day – after all, they will be receiving lots of compliments and congratulations just as the bride will.


Here are a few of our favorite photos of some of our beautiful mothers…crystal4

Photo: Shawon Davis Photography

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