New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Year!


2015 flew right by, and we’ve finally made it into 2016! Today is the first day of a new year. Personally, I’ve never been the “new year, new you” person because I feel that just because a full calendar year has gone by, that does not mean that you are a new person. But, I do believe that the new year does bring about refocusing and realigning yourself with your purpose and goals.


Since opening M.A.W.Beauty, I’ve always taken the last week or two of December, and the first week or two of January in order to get clear on things. During those few weeks, I like to take some time to reflect on the past year – what went well, what didn’t go so well, what could we do better and different. I also like to consider the upcoming year and gain some clarity on where we are going – I evaluate my pricing, services that I offer, and educational goals for my team and I. The first and last few weeks of each year are really pivotal points for any business.


In my reflection for 2015, I believe that my team and I had a great year! We didn’t focus on the number of weddings that we did. Instead, we focused on setting our service apart and adding more value to our service for our brides. Because of this, we were awarded Best of Weddings 2016 by The Knot, which is always an honor and a blessing. In addition to just receiving the award, we were inducted into The Knot Hall of Fame because we have no been awarded 4 times (consecutively). I believe that we had many successes in 2015, and it truly was a great year.


In my planning for the upcoming year, I really decided that I want to grow my business into everything that it is meant to be. When I opened M.A.W.Beauty in 2011, it was out of creative frustration – I wanted to have a space of my own where I could just create and be, well, …creative! I wanted to have a space that was like nothing else that was out there. Over the years, while I’m so grateful for being so busy providing services forĀ brides, I’ve been unable to focus on turning M.A.W.Beauty Studio into what I truly saw in my vision upon opening. But, for 2016, I’m excited to put all of those visions, thoughts, and ideas into motion.


When planning, I really like to focus on one word for the year and make it my theme for all areas of my life. This year, the word that kept ringing out to me me was “Ascend” and “Ascension”. By definition, to ascend means “to travel up”, and ascension is defined as “the act of changing location in an upward direction; a movement upward”. Those sound like great words to focus on for 2016! I’m really excited for this year, and I’m really excited for all of the visions that I’m finally going to be able to bring to life in 2016. IĀ have great past and present brides and in-studio clients, I’m blessed with an amazingly talented team whom I just love, and I have a big, beautiful studio space that I plan to use to its capacity this year! With a combination like that, ascending is only natural. I’m really looking forward to continuing to be innovative and creative in business and in the services that we offer in 2016, and I’m so excited to share all of the visions in my head that I’ve been working on in “real life”.


So, let’s all ascend in 2016 – in not just our careers, but in all areas of life – relationships, friendships, financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Its the only (and best!) way to go!