Wedding Day Beauty Timeline

Timing is always such a big deal on a wedding day. The entire day is timed, from the hair and makeup services, to the time the bridal party gets picked up to go to the ceremony, down to the timing of the entrance of the bridal party into the reception. With timing being such a heavy focus on the wedding day, it is so important to get your day started off on time. One aspect of the wedding day that can easily throw the rest of the day off is hair and makeup services. The bridal party starts their day with hair and makeup, so if hair and makeup is mistimed, the entire day can be thrown off. Staying on time during the getting ready process can literally make or break the wedding day. Check out these tips to avoid any timing mishaps and to keep your wedding day beauty timeline on track:

The Timeline. If you are hiring a seasoned professional, odds are your artist will have experience putting a timeline together for the styling services before the ceremony. This is a detail that the bride should not have to worry about. Your artist should be able to create a detailed timeline that will include all of the hair and/or makeup services booked for the bride and bridal party. Your artist should also provide the timeline to you at (the very!) least 1 – 2 weeks prior to the wedding so that the timing details can be communicated to the bridal party, and so that everyone knows where they should be and at what time. Also, by providing the timeline in advance, there will be plenty of time to make any changes or adjustments to the schedule.

Arrive On Time. On the wedding day, your hair and makeup team should arrive anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes prior to the time that they should be starting the first client. This will allot for time to set up the working area, check the lighting in the room, and to just get comfortable before getting to work. On the other end, it is also extremely important for the bridal party to arrive on time for their scheduled appointments. Timing is key on the wedding day, and any hold up in the timeline can throw the rest of the day off – so, arriving on time is important for all parties involved!

Service Timing. While it is great when an artist finishes a service in 30 minutes or less, at M.A.W.Beauty, we believe that no service should feel rushed. We love providing our clients with the chance to relax and enjoy being pampered for a bit. We think that the perfect amount of time for the bride is between 45 minutes to 1 hour per service, and about 45 minutes per service for bridesmaids and guests. We find that this timing allows the client to receive a full, unrushed service, as well as timing for a quick consultation with the artist that they are working with, which gives them the opportunity to communicate their likes and dislikes for their beauty vision.

Order Of Services. At M.A.W.Beauty, we have a standard formula for scheduling wedding day beauty services. Usually, a typical wedding day schedule consists of moms going first, then the bridal party, bride, and flower girls last. We find that this works for us, and have been scheduling our parties this way since our first season in 2012. We like to put moms first because they are usually the one’s who check on things to make sure that everything is going smoothly as far as the actual wedding. The bridal party goes next, and we usually base the timing of their services on factors such as amount of hair, intricacy of style or even other factors (such as a bridesmaid having to make time to nurse her new baby or get her small children ready for the wedding). We like to put the bride closer to the end, but not always last. The timing of the bride’s services usually depends on factors such as whether or not she is doing a first look, or if she would simply feel more at ease if she were earlier in the timeline. And, of course, we like to keep the lovely little flower girls at the end so that they won’t end up running around (or basically, being kids) and potentially messing up their hair before the ceremony. Order is key.

Touch Ups, etc. For the artists at M.A.W.Beauty, we like to wait until everyone’s service is completed and we are ready to head out until we do lip color. We like to schedule about 15 minutes at the end of our timeline in order to do last minute touch ups such as applying lip color, pinning any stray hairs, providing a final hair spray or shine spray, etc. This last 15 minutes allows us to make sure that everyone looks picture perfect before we leave for the day (unless you’ve hired your artists to stay with you throughout the wedding day!).

These are just some timeline tips that have helped the artists at M.A.W.Beauty stay on track for the wedding day. Every team is different and has their way of doing things, but at M.A.W.Beauty, we’ve found all of these tips to keep our wedding days moving smoothly and on time. We hope these tips help!