Wedding Day Touch Ups

We get asked a lot if we think wedding day touch ups are necessary. My short answer for that questions is a simple “yes”. A lot of makeup artists will tell brides that touch ups aren’t really necessary unless the bride thinks that she’s going to cry a lot, but I absolutely do believe that a touch up session is a necessary experience that every bride should have on her wedding day.

BHP-0174-3390925077-OTo me, a touch up session involves more than just powdering the bride’s face and reapplying lip color before photos. A touch up session, in my opinion, is a full on experience that should be designed to help keep the bride looking her best throughout the evening and in each and every photo that she takes on her wedding day. When a bride books an M.A.W.Beauty Artist for touch ups on her wedding day, she is booking a personal stylist to accompany her during her photo session.


Of course, the artist will make sure that the bride’s face is free of oil and shine, and will make sure that her lip color is still on and vibrant, but that is just the starting point. When we work with a bride for her touch up session, we are actually treating your wedding somewhat like a photo shoot. Attention to detail plays such a huge part in a touch up session. We make sure that your dress is laid out perfectly, that your jewelry is properly facing the camera, and that the tiniest of hairs is perfectly in place. We also pay attention to the groom and make sure that his tie is straight, hair is in place, facial shine is kept at bay, and that he looks picture perfect, too. Basically, our goal for a touch up session is to ensure that your photos are publish worthy – whether you’re interested in submitting them to a magazine or blog, or not. After all, you are spending a pretty penny on your photos, so having perfect photos is definitely an important souvenir from your special day.



Aside from having a huge impact on your photos, a touch up session can definitely benefit a bride who is having an outfit change before the reception. Its been a trend lately for lots of brides to have one dress for their ceremony and to have a hair and makeup look designed around that specific dress, and then to have another look for the reception. Personally, I love this idea because changing the look up for the reception definitely allows the bride to have a little more fun with her overall look. We often get brides who really want to wear a smoky eye, but opt against it because the look is too much for their church ceremony. By having an artist come for a touch up session after the ceremony, the bride can actually switch up her makeup and have that smoky eye that she really wanted without feeling that her makeup is too bold for a more conservative ceremony.

Lastly, having an artist present to provide touch ups takes the pressure off of everyone and allows other vendors to simply focus on doing their best job, rather than having to take on various roles of other vendors. Having a touch up session also lets the bride relax and have a care free wedding day without having to worry about frizzing hair, falling curls, worn off lipstick, and a shiny face. We anticipate all of the mini-disasters that could possibly happen on your wedding day, so the bride literally can just focus on being with her new husband, spending time with all of her loved ones, and truly just enjoying her day.


So, there you have it. Yes, I believe that touch ups are a necessity for every bride, however, all of that depends on personal preference. Some brides feel that they don’t exactly want an “entourage” following them around, but others do feel that they’d like the luxury of having an extra set of hands, ears and eyes on the wedding day to make their day easier. Whichever option you choose, always keep in mind that when you hire a professional to do the job right in the first place, the less you will need to touch up.

If you have a wedding coming up, or if you know someone who is getting married, get in touch and set up a consultation to find out if booking a touch up session is right for your wedding day!