Bridal Beauty Packages

For 2015, we’ve decided to switch things up! When choosing a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day, we know that the decision can be hard. Let’s be real – most artists that brides are looking at do a pretty good job on hair and makeup. They’re all using professional quality products, too. And, most artists will come to you on the wedding day. Great, right?! Well, at M.A.W.Beauty, we think that a bride deserves a little more than an artist that does a good job with good products, and will come to you. That is just the basics of what a bride should have on her wedding day, as far as her beauty services go.

We know brides, and in order to continue providing the most personalized, professional, and efficient services for our beautiful brides and bridesmaids, we’ve made a few changes to our service menu.

First, we’ve decided to scrap our old A La Carte pricing and create our new Bridal Beauty Packages. Why, you ask? Well, again, we know brides. And we know that each bride actually needs everything that we include within our packages. Each bride needs a trial prior to the wedding to give both the bride and the artists peace of mind. So that’s included. We know that you want the bells and whistles on your wedding day – complete with HD Airbrush Makeup, false lashes, and maybe even some hair extensions. We know you want us to come to you. We know that during the planning process, you’re going to have questions…lots of them! And we know that when you contact us, some of the details, whether pertaining to the actual wedding day, the bridal party, or your wedding day look will come together during the planning process. So we’ve included 3 Wedding Detail Consultations, and 3 Beauty Detail Consultations so that we can touch base and confirm all of those beautiful details as the come into place. We want you to have it all because, after all, its YOUR wedding day and you deserve it! By offering brides our Bridal Beauty Packages, we are giving you the best value for your wedding day beauty experience.

Additionally, in the past, we’ve always added in a gratuity of 20% to the total balance. We’ve done this as a courtesy to our bridal parties because we know that many people actually do want to leave a tip, however, they may not know what is an appropriate amount, or they may simply forget with the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Our clients love this courtesy that we offer, so instead of adding it to the total balance, we’ve just included the gratuity in the cost of the price that you see online. So essentially, what you see is what you get!

We continually do our best to remain affordable, offer the best value for the cost, and to be fair, and we hope you think so too! If you’re a recently engaged bride, or if you’re getting married soon, get in touch with us! We’d love to pamper you during one of the most luxurious times of your life!