FAQ: When Should I Book My Trial?

We get lots of calls from brides who all have one of the same questions: “When Should I Book My Trial?”. This is definitely one of the most common, as well as one of the most important questions that brides should be asking because making sure that you schedule and execute a hair and makeup trial is a vital step in your bridal beauty experience. It sets the tone for the day of the wedding by giving both the bride and the stylist peace of mind.

Since most M.A.W.Beauty Brides tend to secure their wedding dates by placing a contract and retainer before actually having a trial, we usually tell brides to schedule the trial roughly 4-8 weeks prior to the actual wedding. We like to do the trial closer to the wedding because at this point, your hair will probably be grown out to the length that you need it to be, and your skin tone will most likely be close to what it will be on the wedding day as well. Also, this gives the bride plenty of time to really get clarity on how she wants to look on the wedding day. We like scheduling the trial closer to the wedding date too because it gives  us a chance to meet face to face with the bride a few weeks prior to the wedding day so that we can sit and chat and finalize details.

Other times, brides like to book their trial before actually securing the date. When brides choose this option, I often tell them to schedule their trials ASAP. The reason for this is because on-location hair and makeup actually books up pretty quickly and very randomly. Between the months of May – October, there really isn’t much down time on the weekends, and many hair and makeup artists and teams who go on location try their best to stay fully booked Friday – Sunday, or they may only take limited amounts of weddings. There are only 52 Saturdays in a year, and that’s when most brides are getting married, so there can really be lots of brides hoping to book their (and your) favorite makeup artist for their wedding day, which could actually be your wedding day, too.Typically, when a bride has a secured wedding date and venue, I think that’s a great time to start thinking about hair and makeup and meeting with all of the artists that you might be interested in.

Some brides like to have their trials done on the day of their dress fitting so that they can see the whole look pulled together. We love this idea. Keep in mind, though, that while its great to try your makeup artist for your boudoir photos, engagement shoot, bridal shower, or other event, the actual trial really should be a separate appointment. The makeup that you will be wearing on your wedding day may be very different from the other events, plus your trial will be devoted entirely to working out the perfect look for your wedding day and consulting about details pertaining to your wedding day.

So, if any of our current brides, or perspective brides want to book their trials, you can go ahead and get in touch with us!