FAQ: What Do I Do About Hair And Makeup For My Destination Wedding?

The thought of what to do about hair and makeup for a destination wedding might be a little stressful. When getting married locally, it can be easy to meet with various artists and have trials prior to booking. However, when you’re getting married internationally, or even across the country, you may not be able to schedule a trip to your wedding destination to have hair and makeup trials.

If its within your budget, I think that bringing a personal stylist with you is a great option. Bringing a stylist from home can ease some of the anxiety that brides get about destination wedding hair and makeup. You can meet with your stylist prior to the wedding, have your trial, and consult. There will be no questions about IF the resort or hotel spa can do the style that you want them to do, or if they can handle your hair. There will be no questions if they are going to use products that might make you break out, or if they can match your skin tone, or if they’ll pile makeup on so that you don’t look like yourself.

Additionally, bringing a personal stylist will ensure that you look amazing all night, and that your photos look amazing too. When getting your hair and makeup done at the resort or hotel spa, you can’t book the stylists for touch ups. When you bring your own stylist, that person will stay with you throughout your ceremony, photos, and up to the reception. Your stylist is with you every step of the way to make sure that every detail about your look is perfectly in place.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that when bringing a stylist with you to your destination wedding, most often, the bride is responsible for paying all fees associated with taking the artist with you such as flight, parking, hotel, and meals in addition to the cost of services. While bringing a stylist with you might mean paying a few extra expenses, I can promise you that it is probably one of the best choices a bride can make for her destination wedding.

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