Hair Extensions For Brides

When choosing a hair style for your wedding day, its always important to consider your hair. As a bridal hair stylist, its important to really take a look at the client’s hair to determine if it is the right texture, length, and density to support the desired style. Sometimes, we get brides whose hair may be too fine for a specific style, or maybe lacks the length that is needed to achieve the look. If this is the case for you, don’t worry, there is always an answer.

Lots of brides use hair extensions and enhancements in order to get the look that they ¬†want for their big day. Many of my ethnic brides choose to use sew-in weaves to create a humidity proof, long lasting wedding day hair style. Since ethnic hair has a major tendency to get frizzy (and huge), a sew-in, when installed properly and safely, can help to protect your natural hair, and also to give the length, thickness and texture to create the perfect look for you. We’ve styled sew-ins ranging from long to short, and straight to curly. Below, my bride (and sister!) Kristen decided to use a sew-in so that she could achieve her style. She got married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in June, 2013, and the weather was super humid. Kristen chose to use a sew-in because she had been transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to her natural texture, which is incredibly prone to frizzing up in humid weather. By installing a sew-in, she ensured that her style lasted all night.



Another option is to have a set of micro-link extensions installed. In my professional opinion, micro-links are probably one of the safest options of extensions. When choosing this option, a cluster of hair that is attached to a bead is slid onto a thin strand of your own hair. The bead is then clamped closed at the root of your hair using a set of pliers. This method is essentially damage free, and incredibly natural looking. The hair that is used is 100% human hair, and can actually be saved and used again if you choose to do so. At M.A.W.Beauty, we offer Hair Treats micro-link hair extensions. If you’re interested in learning more about this method of hair extensions for your wedding day, let us know. We’d be glad to help.


Clip-ins are another great way to go. We’ve installed clip-ins for countless bridal clients. This method is easy to do on the wedding day, and the best thing about it is that you can reuse your clip-ins over and over again. Clip-ins are also another non-damaging way to achieve length and thickness, however, I wouldn’t recommend using clip-ins to change the texture of your hair, as it could be very obvious. Check out Gizele’s wedding hair style below. We used a few rows of clip-ins in the back of the head to give a little length, then also on the side to blend in and fill in where hair appeared to be a little more fine.




Extensions can be a great way to not only achieve the hair style that you are envisioning for your wedding day, but they are also a great way to ensure the longevity of your style. If you are a bride who is concerned about your hair frizzing because of the texture, or not being able to create the style that you want because of the length or texture of your hair, extensions are an awesome option.

Will you be using extensions for your wedding day hair style?