Bridal Preview: Taisha

Bride Taisha was recently in the studio for her bridal hair and makeup preview. One thing about this preview is for sure…I absolutely love an out of the box bride. When Taisha first came in, we sat and chatted details about her wedding day. I learned the story of her wedding planning experience, reviewed photos of her amazing dress, bridesmaid dresses, and hair and makeup looks for the bride and bridal party. We even chatted about “ugly crying” on the wedding day lol. For her wedding day, Taisha is all about the glamour. For her hair, she wanted to wear an updo. She has naturally curly hair, and wanted to still have some texture, but not the texture of her natural curls. The look she showed me had a vintage feel to it, but was still very modern. She currently has three different colors in her hair (blonde on top, brown in the middle, and black on the bottom!), and wanted to show them all off. She plans to wear a veil, and is going to have her seamstress attach it to a clip instead of a comb so that on the wedding day, we can clip in underneath her updo, rather than placing it in the hair on top and having her updo covered.

For Taisha’s makeup, she truly was all about the drama! When looking over her pinterest board, she let me know that she wanted a heavily contoured face and showed me a photo of Kim Kardashian. When looking at this photo, she also let me know that she wanted a bright, stand-out red lip. Taisha also wanted for her look to be all about the eyes, but understood that its best to play up one feature. We decided to keep the focus on the red lip, but definitely add a little drama with eyelashes. We chose an Ardell 118 lash for her, which is full and long, but nothing over the top. Her flawless foundation was airbrushed, and since the eyes and lips had a pretty heavy focus, we kept the rest of the face fairly natural with a soft peach colored blush.

Check out her before and after photos:



We had such a great time in the studio creating this look. I had the opportunity to meet her Maid of Honor as well, and judging from their personality, I’m sure that this will be a fun, high energy party to work with! I’m really excited for the wedding day, and I can’t wait to see Taisha’s entire look come together with full hair, makeup, and dress!