Photo Shoot: Head Shots for Heather

Over the weekend, I had the chance to work with one of my favorite photographers, Myke Yeager from Myke Yeager Photography. I haven’t worked with him in a while because our schedules just haven’t been able to coordinate, so I was excited when he reached out and I actually had some availability for the date and time that he needed. He told me that his client needed hair and makeup for updated head shots. This client, however, was not like my “usual” client. Her name was Heather, and she was a 7 year old model. First off, she was seriously the cutest little thing ever. But aside from being cute, this little girl was just totally impressive. Heather has been modeling since the age of 4. Her mom, Lori, told me that she took her to J.C.Penney for photos and the photographer insisted that her daughter get into modeling. She was right for that. Heather has walked runways including New York Fashion Week, StyleWeek North East, and is actually signed to New York Model Management. She’s working her way to putting herself through school when she gets older. How amazing.

Heather was such a fun little bundle of energy to work with. She had so much fun in the studio playing with Myke’s toy gun (she really loved shooting at her mom when she would turn around lol), and she stayed energized on set by eating Sour Patch Kids and dancing to music. When working with adults all the time, it was actually such a breath of fresh air to work with a fun kid like Heather. Check out some of the amazing shots that Myke took of her:



I loved this little suit of hers. Who knew that a 7 year old could look so chic?!


Isn’t this a great color on Heather?


This was her “European” aka “model face”




Cute overload!


Heather was super fun to work with. Obviously, when working with a 7 year old, your job as a hair and makeup artist is made pretty easy. She’s clearly a cutie pie, and just naturally gorgeous anyway. For her makeup, I gave her a quick coat of airbrush foundation to create a flawless, even complexion. She had recently been to Florida and had an amazing tan, but she did have 2 little scars on her cheek, so we covered that up. I gave her a little dusting of Benefit Bella Bamba blush, which is a pinky/peach tone with a little bit of shimmer. Using that color gave her skin a bit of a “baby glow”…little kids have great skin and it should look healthy and glowing. For her eyes, I used Arbonne eye shadow in Linen to brighten up her lid, and a very light coat of mascara to open her eyes up. And For the lips, I used NYX Lip Gloss in Salsa, which is a very pale pink with a bit of a shimmer to it. Heather asked me if it was pomegranate flavored. Her mom was insistent that her looks stay very natural not only because she’s a kid, but also because her agency needs to be able to see their “blank canvas” when they look at the photos.

I loved working with Heather. She was definitely one of my favorite clients thus far. She’s a tiny little professional, but she’s also a sweet kid who knows how to make work fun.