FAQ: Do I Really Need A Trial?

I’ve heard so many brides ask if a trial is really necessary. I get it – weddings can be crazy expensive, and paying for a trial may seem like a good way to save some of the expense and possibly funnel those funds into another aspect of the wedding. BUT, having a trial is definitely NOT something that you want to pass on. In my opinion, having a trial is just as important as your food or cake tasting.

At M.A.W.Beauty, we don’t call a trial a “trial”. We refer to it as a “Bridal Preview”. The reason for this is because a trial, in my opinion, means that you are “trying” things out, and that is not the purpose of having a pre-wedding beauty session. We want for you to preview what you will be looking like when you walk down the aisle. Your preview should not be “sort of” what you will look like, or an “idea” of what you will look like. Your Bridal Preview should be just that…a pre-viewing of what your wedding day look will be.

During your Bridal Preview, you will meet the artist that you will be working with on your wedding day, whether it be me (Melissa here!) or one of my amazing associates. You and your artist will create the look that you will wear on your wedding day, and that will be photographed, and that will live on forever in those photos. Your Bridal Preview is the time to work out any “kinks” in your look. Do you want thinner eyeliner? Do you want more eye shadow? Does your artist need to use a firmer holding hairspray? Do you need another bobby pin at the base of your neck to hold that one curl? These are the details that having a preview will clarify. Having a preview will also help your artist to determine if they may or may not need to add more time to the wedding day timeline to accommodate the look that you wish to create. Also, having a preview will give you the opportunity to solidify all of the details of your day with your artist.

The Bridal Preview is such a crucial step in the bridal beauty process, and its a step that should definitely not be overlooked. Please remember, our dear, amazing, lovely brides – your bridal beauty specialist is really not out to gouge your pocketbook for every penny that we can. We totally understand that your wedding is costing you a lot. We are interested in YOUR peace of mind, as well as ours. We want for you to rest easy knowing that you’re going to love how you’re going to look on such an important day. We want for you to know that you’re going to look amazing in the photos that you’re spending a heavy load of money on. We want for you to rest assured that you’re not going to be an hour late to your ceremony because your hair took too long. Remember, you start your day with hair and makeup. Its just a smart thing for you to take the proper measures to ensure that everything goes smoothly…and having a Bridal Preview will do that for you.

So, to answer the original question: Heck Yes! You really do need a trial!!