Perfect Wedding Day Skin

When it comes to a wedding, your skin plays a major role. Sure, you’ll be wearing makeup for your big day, but the fact of the matter is that your makeup application will only look as good as the skin that its applied to. During the months leading up to your wedding day, its so important to develop a good skin care regimen, and even more important to stick to it. When it comes to skin care, consistency is key.

A great skin care regimen should consist of four main components:

  1. Cleanser – used daily to wash dirt, oils, excess makeup and environmental debris from the skin
  2. Toner – used to balance the pH level of the skin, as well as to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup that a cleanser may have missed
  3. Moisturizer – used to provide hydration, and in many cases, sun protection for the skin
  4. Exfoliator – used to remove dead skin and promote cell turnover. Exfoliators can be manual/mechanical or chemical

Using these steps consistently will help prepare your skin for your wedding day, and provide the best canvas for a perfect makeup application.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect skin care regimen:

  • When choosing any skin care products, its always important to consider your skin type.
  • If your skin is on the dry side, use a foaming cleanser. This will help to replenish your skin with moisture and oils that it may be lacking. If you are prone to oils and breakouts, try an oil-free cleanser that is non-comedogenic.
  • Toners or fresheners are often considered optional. If, however, you suffer from acne prone skin, a toner containing salicylic or glycolic acid will help to control oil and clear up any breakouts.
  • Moisturizers should also be chosen based on skin type and condition. If your skin is dry, try using a heavier cream. If your skin is oily or combination, use an oil-free moisturizer. Also, when choosing a moisturizer, look for a product that contains Vitamins A,C,and E – consider this your beauty dream team. Vitamin A acts as a retinol and will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and will help with brightening of the skin, and Vitamin E is a humectant that will help to keep the skin hydrated. Your moisturizer should also have broad spectrum sun protection of SPF 30 or higher.
  • Exfoliators are a great way to keep your skin looking smooth, soft, and polished. This step should only be done 1 – 2 times per week, as exfoliating can cause irritation and inflammation to the skin resulting in broken capillaries, redness and irritation. When done 1 – 2 times weekly, the skin will begin to look refined and will help your skin to absorb product better because you are renewing your skin cells.

Lastly, during the last 4 – 6 months leading up to your wedding, it may be a great idea to get monthly facials. A good facial will have you looking like a glowing bride. Having extractions done properly will rid your skin of any blackheads and blemishes, and come on, who doesn’t love to get pampered every once in a while.

Having a great skin care regimen is imperative for your wedding day! What is your current skin care routine like?