Bridal Preview: Laura

I had so much fun in the studio with Laura for her bridal makeup preview. She is getting married at Belle Mer in April, so it was time to start putting her look together. A friend of hers will be doing her hair, so she scheduled her preview with me on the same day that she would be having her hair done. Since Laura’s wedding is in Newport, she wanted a look that, as she described to me, was bronzy on the eyes. Here is what we came up with:

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We used airbrush foundation to create her gorgeous, flawless complexion. Laura was sure to follow up and let me know just how well her foundation wore throughout the day, and how she didn’t even feel like she was wearing any at all.

On the actual wedding day, we’ve decided to use a lighter brown to accent her crease, rather than having her look be so “smoky”. Also, I plan to add just a touch more blush, and a few more individual lashes to fill in any sparse areas.

I cant wait to see this gorgeous girl’s complete look come together!