FAQ: All But One Bridesmaid Wants Makeup On My Wedding Day. Is That Okay?

Yesterday, I did a preview with one of my brides who is getting married in April. While we were touching base on details of her contract and confirming the services that will be provided on her wedding day, she mentioned to me that all but one of her bridesmaids would be getting makeup services by me and my team, and asked if it would look bad if this bridesmaid is the only person who doesn’t have their makeup done.

In my professional opinion, the answer to that is a very simple “Yes”. When you are having a professional team of artists provide hair and/or makeup services for you and your bridal party on your wedding day, you can rest assured that your entire party will have a beautiful, flawless, cohesive, and photo-ready look. If all but one person in your party is having professional makeup done, it may be very obvious depending on how skilled they are at doing their own makeup. Additionally, a professional wedding makeup artist understands the balance of makeup that needs to be worn on the wedding day so that it looks great in person as well as how it will translate into photography, and wears well all day.

While I don’t think that having only one person decide not to get hair and/or makeup services for the wedding day will ruin your wedding, it is always nice for your party to be able to relax and get pampered together, and you will always have peace of mind knowing that your professional team of artists will have you and all of your loved ones looking and feeling their best. It may be best to get pricing from the makeup artist that you plan to use and give your party plenty of lead time to plan and save. If hair and makeup is a last minute decision, though, and you have one person who might feel that it is out of their budget, it may be best to simply pay for that person’s service. After all, you’re paying a pretty penny for professional photos, so you want everyone in those photos to look great with you.