Do My Bridesmaids Need Hair and Makeup Too?

So you’re getting married and you’ve decided to have a bridal party join in on the pre-wedding preparations and fun. You’ve already decided that you plan to have your hair and makeup done by a professional. Then the question arises:

Do my bridesmaids need hair and makeup services too?

To answer that question lightly, the answer is YES! Here’s why…

First, and foremost, odds are that you have hired (or will be hiring) a photographer who’s services will be costing at least a couple thousand dollars. Given this fact, the REAL question should be “Why WOULDN’T I want my bridesmaids to have hair and makeup services?”. When spending that kind of money, why wouldn’t you want everyone in your pictures to look their best? Remember, once your DJ has packed up, and the caterer has cleaned up, all that is left will be your photos. When you look back, you should be remembering how amazing your wedding day was, and how amazing everyone looked and felt.

Second, having professional hair and makeup services will take the guesswork and stress off of everyone in the party. If you hire a pro who can show you photos and reviews from other weddings they’ve services, there will be no worrying about how your bun looks, or if your makeup looks okay. A professional is just that: a professional. More specifically, a “Bridal Beauty Specialist” provides hair and makeup for weddings regularly. They are used to dealing with people’s insecurities, and accommodating their requests. Bridal Beauty Specialists are trained to make you look like your best self in a timely manner. That being said, all you and your bridal party will have to do is sit back, relax and get even more beautiful. I speak from the experience of having been in three weddings where I’ve had to do my own hair and makeup, and even as a professional, it was difficult for me because of time constraints. And as a professional stylist and makeup artist, I can truthfully say that hair and makeup usually will always come out better when provided by a professional…not when you do it yourself.

Lastly, on the wedding day, there is just so much going on. All the last minute details of the day are getting done, and really, who has time to worry about their own hair and makeup. When hiring a professional to service your wedding, whether services are being provided at your location or in a salon, everyone will have a scheduled appointment time. Your day will be kept on track even with all the chaos, and that’s an incredibly important thing. Nothing is worse thank keeping your groom and guests waiting because your bridal party is finishing up their own hair and makeup. Nothing is worse than having to pay additional money to keep your reception venue and photographer for an extra hour or two because you were running late. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to relax and get pampered on your wedding day – and have your bridal party join in on that luxury?

Having gorgeous hair and makeup is not on everyone’s priority list when it comes to a wedding. I understand that. However, having great photos generally is. And, if having amazing photos is important to you, then having everyone look fabulous in your amazing photos should also be important to you. Yes, hair and makeup is an additional expense for the entire party, but when it is decided well in advance that everyone will be getting beauty services, it can be budgeted for. And I can honestly say that it will be well worth the expense.

In closing, let’s resonate on this though:

As a bridesmaid, you will most likely spend $150 – $200 on a beautiful formal dress. You’ll spend at least another $50 on some killer shoes to go with that beautiful formal dress. Why wouldn’t you want your hair and makeup to be on point when you’re wearing that gorgeous dress and those killer shoes that you just spent anywhere from $200 – $300 on? The entire look needs to be put together. Save a few dollars each month by cutting back on a coffee each week, and make the very wise investment to have your hair and makeup professionally styled for your loved one’s special day.

You will thank yourself for doing so.