Photo Shoot: Which Bride Are You?

I love a good bridal photo shoot. Anything where various creative individuals coming together to make something great is just so appealing to me. I approached photographer Melissa Stimpson, Owner of Melissa Stimpson Photography, about collaborating on a photo shoot that I had been trying to do for a while now. At M.A.W.Beauty, we get so many brides with such varying personalities. Some of our brides are very natural girls who wear a minimal amount of makeup, while others love a more bold, yet still subtle look. We get brides who live for the organic, beachy, glowing look, and then we get brides who just want to have a little fun. With my brides in mind, I decided that I wanted to do a shoot that would show off the different personalities of our M.A.W.Beauty Brides.  Here is the story behind each of our bridal looks:

The Classic Bride

Our classic bride is a girl who is naturally gorgeous. She doesn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis, however, she knows that for her wedding day, makeup is just a must. The only requirement is that it stays natural and gorgeous. The Classic Bride feels most confident in neutral, natural colors like browns, taupe, gray, and champagne, with natural lips. She loves soft, simple hair styles that show off her beautiful face, compliment her gown, and that will look polished and perfect all day and night.

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The Bold Bride

Not every bride is afraid to be bold. The Bold Bride is well aware that her wedding is truly her Red Carpet Event, and wants to stand out in a major way. Our bold bride is not afraid of a smoky eye, however, she does understand that her wedding is not a night out on the town, so she’d like to keep her smoky eye somewhat toned down. Of course, with a smoky eye, a nude lip is the way to go. For her hair, she is all about sleek styles with volume to the max.

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The Party Bride

Who doesn’t love to look their best at the BIGGEST celebration in their life?! The party bride is all about fun and being fabulous. When makeup is concerned, she’s not afraid of a little color. All while sticking with an overall natural makeup look, our party bride knows that pinks and plums look great on just about anyone, and chooses to amp up her look with a deeper lip color to add that “pop” of color. Having fun hair is just as important to her as having fun makeup, however, keeping in mind that the party is actually her wedding, The Party Bride wants to keep it classy, and having a beautiful, yet fun, half up/half down style is just the way to do it.

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The Glowing Bride

The words beach, ocean, sun, and sand totally resonate with The Glowing Bride. For a perfect beach wedding, this bride wants a care-free, sun-kissed look. She may be low maintenance when it comes to a daily makeup application and wants to stick with that concept for her wedding day. She’s all about glowing, bronzed skin, and soft, easy hair.

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So which bride are you?!


Special thank you to my fabulous team who assisted me on hair and makeup…thanks Felisia, Kim, and Miranda! Also thank you to our lovely models!

Hair/Makeup: Melissa – M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio

Photography: Melissa Stimpson Photography

Dresses: Couture Bridal

Accessories: Co-op #13/I Want a Pony Project