NYX Wonder Pencil

I’m going to fill you in on one of my favorite beauty tips, as well as a secret weapon of mine. Are you ready??

When doing eye makeup, I often skip using dark eyeliner on the bottom of the eye – especially in the waterline. I avoid this for a few reasons, for example, the waterline can potentially cause the liner to run and smudge under they eye, and also when using a dark liner in the waterline, to me, it really makes the eye look smaller.

NYXwonderpencilSo, to avoid that situation, I use a secret weapon: the NYX Wonder Pencil. This nude pencil comes in three different shades of nude: Light, Medium, and Dark, but I mainly use Medium. When using a nude pencil, not only do you create a look that is a little more “natural” than having heavily dark lined water lines and running the risk of your liner running, but you are also creating the illusion of larger, wider eyes that appear more open or awake.

This pencil is honestly one of my favorite cosmetic items, and really use it on a good 95% of my brides. At only $4.50 each, its definitely worth a try, but I promise, you won’t be disappointed.